Franchise Opportunity

Our unique competitive advantages below:

- High Success Rate

- High Return & Low Risk

- Low Startup Cost

- Superb Products w/ High Gross Margin

- Easy To operate & Manage

- Excellent Cashflow & No Bad Debt

- Low Wastage

- More Than 25 Yrs Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the start up cost?

SGD $50-100K

Do you find suitable store location for us?

Yes, we'll help you look for the perfect location. This is one the key benefits of joining our franchise.

However, you can still choose your own location, subject to our approval.

How long is the training period?

Typically 3 - 6 weeks. You can give us a call to know in detail what will be covered during the training period.

What about promotions & marketing?

Promotions and marketing would be covered by us! This is another key benefit of joining us and franchising under Pancake King.

I'm interested! How do I contact Pancake King?

You can contact us via the following methods:


Whatsapp: +65 9689 3094 / +65 9222 9266